T’was the week before Christmas, and the house was a clutter.
Not a creature was helping, not even my daughter.
Her husband sat snacking alone in the chair
The dope’s in the way of the vacuum, with no apparent care.

The grand-kids are nestled in front of Youtube,
While violent videos sometimes flash a bare boob.
Papa still curses the old Christmas lights,
As he untangles the mess that once gave delight.

When out in the drive FedEx skids to a halt,
I sprang from the kitchen with a bucket of salt.
Away to the door I flew in a flash,
Tore open the door and nearly tripped on the trash.

The driveway was a glistening with new-fallen snow
On top of glare ice, one’s footing could go.
No law suit for us on this pre-Christmas Day,
Just sign for the package that will make someone gay (not that kind of gay!).

The little old driver was so lively and quick,
I thought in that moment he could be … a Nick!
More rapid than eagles the kids came a running,
In hopes that their present was just arriving!

“Now Danny! now, Doug! now, Patsy and Vivian!
Go, Cynthia!  Way, Cathy!  Forget it Debbie and Justin!
Get back to your entertainment, and stay out of the hall!
Now look away! Look away! And get away all!”

…. And so the story of a family Christmas goes,

May your work be evenly divided, and may you find the time,

To share in the delights of your family being together.

… And may our BlowMeCool be with you.

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