Hot Flash Relief

A Man’s Point of View on Blow Me Cool

We really do love hearing from BlowMeCool users and were so glad that our little mini fan, while it’s not designed to help cancer patients, we are pleased that it is helping some patients deal with hot flashes caused by cancer treatments.

This comes to us from one reader:

BlowMeCool is a work of genius. I’ve been using one because I’m getting hot flashes from the stuff they’ve injected into me to keep my cancer under control. However, being a guy, I’m not sure I want to always use something that’s been named to attract ladies. I think you should consider a rename for guys. It could be used by guys like me, reacting to meds, or by guys sweating out a football game, or guys sweating after running, etc. You could call the rename “Blow me Down” or some such thing. You might also consider a renaming for people who tend to sink into the depths of depression. You could call that one “Blow me Up” or some such thing. But maybe that would be going too far.

Thank you, Edwoe for sharing with us, and we are so glad that our fan is part of your life and making you a little more comfortable in your battle. We wish you well.