BlowMeCool mini-fan thumbs up

Dear People,

My wife of over 40 years has a real problem with hot -flashes.

In her post cancer treatment life, this is a big deal.

I have been trying to get her some help that she can use in restrauants

and church when a noisey fan is out of the question. She also does not

like the attention she draws with an old fashion hand fan. What a great

product you have. She can finaily get a breeze on her face without drawing

un-wanted attention from those around her. When her fan broke She asked

if it was under warranty and I made contact with Brian at Blow me Cool.

He was very helpful and even though I messed everything up, he took

care of my problems in a manner that you just don’t find much these days.

A GREAT product and better customer service!

I will be a customer for life.

Thank you again,

Tom N.

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