Help with Menopause

Menopause is a phase in life that I can do without.

Menopause is a phase in life that I can do without.  The changes in my body temperature are annoying at best.  However, the inconvenience of being the only one in a room with a glistening glow on my face, neck, and chest is perhaps the biggest aggravation, and an embarrassment.

Until the unique BlowMeCool mini-fan arrived on the scene, I would often draw attention to myself by grabbing a paper folder, or other object to fan myself in order to minimize the face glow and to help cool me.

I have actually tried a mini-fan, but found that it was not worth it: 1) it didn’t push enough air, 2) it was noisy, and 3) I found the propellers threatening near my face and hair.  So I was glad when a friend showed me her BlowMeCool device.

BlowMeCool is a mini-fan, but without the exposed propellers.  It is small enough that I can hold it discretely in the palm of my hand; and it is so quiet that nobody notices when I have it on – even in meetings!

I keep it in my purse so that it is always available and since there are no exposed propellers – there is nothing to get tangled with in my purse.

BlowMeCool lasts a long time before I need to recharge it.

It’s a delight to use – one click and I have a stream of air immediately, where I need it.  Also, the mini – flashlight has helped me more than once.  I actually had to pass it around to my friends in dimly lit  restaurant.

I say three cheers for BlowMeCool – a product perfectly designed to help manage my hot flashes.