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New Best Friends: Cell Phone and BlowMeCool

One of our customers this week sent us a thank you email. We love when things go well, so we were delighted to get this email from Catherine Wilcox-

” When my husband gave me an early Mother’s Day gift, at first I wasn’t sure what message he was trying to give me. After some time with my BlowMeCool fan I am realizing it is because he is the most considerate man I know. He was actually paying attention to my new sweaty intruder. My BlowMeCool min fan does what it says it blows me cool when I am hot ( as in when I am having a dreaded hot flash).

For the first days that I had the fan, it was never close at hand it was often in another room or even worse at home. Simply put I wasn’t use to having it around. Now, I keep it with me always and it has become best friends with my cell phone. I charge them at the same time, and then toss them into my purse so my BlowMeCool is always at hand.”

Thanks Catherine for sending us your take on the BlowMeCool. We think a cellphone and a BlowMeCool make great best friends and it is absolutely fantastic that your husband was thinking of how he could make your life a little easier.

Help with Menopause

BlowMeCool the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

Do you have a mom that has started menopause? Do you have a mom that gets hot in a flash? Perhaps you have a mom that likes to dance all night long, and simply get a little to heated.

This Mother’s Day …  tell your Mom to “Chill” with the perfect gift – a BlowMeCool mini-fan for Mother’s Day.  Our little fan just might become her best friend whenever and where ever she is too hot; and you …. well you get to be the considerate daughter Mom always wanted – Way-Cool right !

BlowMeCool can be a discreet, effective tool in your Mom’s battle to stay cool. It can be thrown in a purse or pocket for the Mom on the go. It’s perfect for a night of dancing (Mom might let you borrow it), and because it fits hidden in the palm of the hand – it could become your Mom’s new secret weapon.

This Mother’s Day get your mother a BlowMeCool …  a gift that keeps on giving.

We will have the mini fans available at the National Women’s Show in Ottawa this weekend, we hope to see you there.

Help with Menopause

So Many Uses For a BlowMeCool

Since coming out with the BlowMeCool fan we have been getting some great feedback from our community who are finding some great uses for their BlowMeCool fans.

Let us count the ways to use a Blow Me Cool Fan:

1.First we all know it is a discrete little fan to have around when you are having a hot flash.

2. It can be used to redirect germ laden air, great during cold and flu season to keep the bugs at bay.

3. To dry your nail when you simply don’t want to wait for them to dry.

4. We have even heard of a fan being used for training a pet.

How would you use your BlowMeCool fan? Leave a comment and let us know.

Help with Menopause

Blog: BlowMeCool brings relief …..

It’s great having a little fan that helps me throughout the day.  I got on the go-train last week, only to have someone with way too much perfume sit beside me.  When my allergies started up I simply used my BlowMeCool, and subtly re-directed the air away from me.  What a relief knowing I have better control over the air I must breathe.


Help with Menopause

Menopause is a phase in life that I can do without.

Menopause is a phase in life that I can do without.  The changes in my body temperature are annoying at best.  However, the inconvenience of being the only one in a room with a glistening glow on my face, neck, and chest is perhaps the biggest aggravation, and an embarrassment.

Until the unique BlowMeCool mini-fan arrived on the scene, I would often draw attention to myself by grabbing a paper folder, or other object to fan myself in order to minimize the face glow and to help cool me.

I have actually tried a mini-fan, but found that it was not worth it: 1) it didn’t push enough air, 2) it was noisy, and 3) I found the propellers threatening near my face and hair.  So I was glad when a friend showed me her BlowMeCool device.

BlowMeCool is a mini-fan, but without the exposed propellers.  It is small enough that I can hold it discretely in the palm of my hand; and it is so quiet that nobody notices when I have it on – even in meetings!

I keep it in my purse so that it is always available and since there are no exposed propellers – there is nothing to get tangled with in my purse.

BlowMeCool lasts a long time before I need to recharge it.

It’s a delight to use – one click and I have a stream of air immediately, where I need it.  Also, the mini – flashlight has helped me more than once.  I actually had to pass it around to my friends in dimly lit  restaurant.

I say three cheers for BlowMeCool – a product perfectly designed to help manage my hot flashes.