Help with Menopause

We Know How to Host a Party!

BlowMeCool just hosted our first  menopause sisters (PMS) party. Great wine, great food, great friends and of course their was swag and gifts in the form of BlowMeCools. All the women loved their new best friends. The party was a great time, and now their are some great new sisters in our sisterhood-those that know how to stay cool when the temperature is rising.

Help with Menopause

Another Use for My BlowMeCool

My friend Diane got her BlowMeCool back in the spring and has been absolutely loving it as she battles her hot flashes.

Well last week Diane got fevered, so guess what came out again, her BlowMeCool!

She commented on the BlowMeCool Facebook page about how even when running a fever her BlowMeCool worked to cool her down and give her relief.

Always great when a product can be used in so many ways. Have you found a way to use your BlowMeCool besides the wonderful job it does in helping keep us cool in the midst of a hot flash? If so we would love to hear about it! Let us know on the Facebook Page.

Help with Menopause

We Love Seeing Reviews of BlowMeCool

Last week two different sites blogged about BlowMeCool. We are always grateful when those who have used the mini fan share their experiences with it. If you have tried the fan, and want to give us your opinion we would love to hear from you as well.

Anita and the ladies from Menopause Mission gave the fan a great review that you can read all about. We love that not just one but three women tried the fan!

Then Debra from High Heels and Hot Flashes also reviewed the mini fan.

That’s four positive reviews in one week, it definitely made us smile in the office, and we are thankful that you all love the fan!



Help with Menopause

Menopause to Blame Video and Contest

So most of us who have had menopausal symptoms can definitely relate to this rap style video! Menopause is definitely to blame!

We want to hear what you blame menopause for!

Create a short video ( a minute or less in length) and upload it to YouTube.

Share the video with us via twitter or Facebook ( remember to add us at the same time so we can contact you when you win.) and  we could be sharing your video here with our audience and sending you a BlowMeCool for you to enjoy.

Each Friday we will announce a winner here on our blog and on Facebook and Twitter as well. Use the hashtag #blamemenopause so we can track what you share.

Now tell us what do you blame menopause for!

*Contest is open to US and Canadian residents over the age of 18, except where prohibited by law.