This week here in the Greater Toronto area, over 300 bloggers from across Canada and the United States will gather to learn, to network and to be inspired and BlowMeCool will be there with our Community Manager, Hollie Pollard.

We are looking forward to the bliss, Hollie I am sure will have her BlowMeCool on standby so if you get too hot, find her. Actually Hollie will be there soaking in all the bliss as she is there every year as her alter ego CommonCentsMom.

What are we looking forward to at Blissdom Canada? We are looking forward to hanging with so many women who love Social Media just like we do. Women who love to stay cool. Women who are cool!

We are looking forward to high tea,learning more about social etiquette, and of course the parties, we are also looking forward to hearing from the Canadian head of Twitter, as we love to tweet. If you are going to be there what are you looking forward too?

Let us know if you spot Hollie, and a little orange mini fan. Tweet us with #orangespotted to let us know you saw her. As our Community Manager and as one of our bloggers she will be on the look out for bloggers who we may be able to partner with in the future, so if you do reviews and affiliate programs grab her for a conversation.

We look forward to a bliss filled week ahead and staying cool.

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