Help with Menopause, Hot Flashed

We are Proud to Support the Red Hat Gospel Brunch

The Red Hat Gospel Brunch is a wonderful event  by the Greenville, NC Alumnae

Chapter of DeltaSigma Theta Sorority, Inc and BlowMeCool is happy to be part

of that special day.  For their high profile recipients, there will be special gift bags

and in each one of the items will be a BlowMeCool. This annual event is attended

by select VIP and A-List individuals associated with the organization. Some of this

year’s attendees/recipients include:

Daphne Maxwell Reid “Aunt Viv” from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
Actress/R&B Singer Shirley Murdock.

We look forward to keeping these ladies cool.

Help with Menopause

How to Clean Your Blow Me Cool

Did you know that BlowMeCool was designed so that the fan propeller can be removed

for cleaning or repair ?     Check out our How To Videos for Cleaning.

It is easy to remove the grill, pop off the propeller and clean it.  BlowMeCool is designed

to be a robust durable little fan, if you recharge the lithium-ion battery properly it should

last for years.


Help with Menopause

Make It Your Friendly Little Fan

BlowMeCool is Great for Many Situations

Date: Sun, 2 Mar 2014 10:13:04 -0500

For your information, it’s a lovely little fan – I know I have one,

and have even sold a few for Brian.

It will come in handy for the grand-kids playing soccer this summer,

and I’ll keep mine handy on the golf course for those hot days.