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Perfume and Your Air Quality Control





We always appreciate hearing from customers about the creative ways that

BlowMeCool is being utilized.

“For anyone that gets headaches from strong perfume, this product is great.

Being in a crowded subway car, airplane or anywhere you cannot get away

from a perfumed person, the BlowMeCool blows the perfumed air away;

an added benefit is that it can give the perfumed person the idea that to much

perfume is not appreciated.  You should sell them at airports in a machine.”



Help with Menopause

Moms Night Out and BlowMeCool

Last week several bloggers from California made there way to the red carpet with a very special invitation to attend the premiere of the movie Moms Night Out. 15 bloggers from the Entertainment News Media Network ventured off to Hollywood to interview the stars.

They got to stand on the Red Carpet just like the rest of the media and then got to watch the show, a handful even got to hang out with the cast the next day. They got to interview the stars of the show Sean Astin, Sarah Drew and Patricia Heaton.

How does BlowMeCool come into all this? Well each of the bloggers got a pretty sweet swag bag filled with goodies, and one of the items in each bag was a BlowMeCool. We have even gotten a few shout out from the bloggers since the premiere saying how much they love the fan. I am sure we are keeping them cool.

One of the bloggers even posted a sweet Thank you on her Instagram feed. Glad we could be part of a great night out. Now if you aren’t too busy this Mother’s Day weekend you might want to head to the movies as a Moms Night Out is in theaters as of today.