Help with Menopause, Hot Flash Relief

Hot Flashes – no good ever came!


There is nothing nice about a hot flash.  Even in cold weather it is not appreciated

because it leaves your clothes damp as you fend against the cold weather.

Join our poll:      When you got your first flash did you know what it was?

Help with Menopause, Hot Flash Relief

Avoid Hot Flash Hell – Always Take Our Cooling Fan With You

I designed the BlowMeCool mini-fan to travel easily in a purse or pocket, so that it

can always be available to cool you when you need it!  So last night once again

I watched a friend suffer through hot flashes because she left her

BlowMeCool at home.  It’s easy to keep it with you and keep it charged!

You know what the road to hot flash hell was paved with…..

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Make BlowMeCool Your Cool Habit