Help with Menopause, Young Girls are Hot Too

“Chill Mom” for Christmas

BlowMeCool really does makes a great Christmas gift.   It’s a durable little fan that delivers a stream of soothing air when you need it to cool down.  Women experiencing menopausal hot flashes  appreciate the ease of keeping it close so that it’s available at a moment’s notice.  Young women will also find that it is great to have BlowMeCool’s cooling stream of air after dancing at a club or after Yoga and other exercise.  Imagine – Cooling and Drying without wiping and smearing make-up.

So … BlowMeCool makes a great Christmas Gift for Mom – but, you may want to keep it charged up, so that you can borrow it for your nights out on the town.


Help with Menopause

Christmas Gift Special

BlowMeCool makes a perfect gift for Mom that keeps on giving. 

You may be a babe on the Dance floor, or a Yoga teacher, but one of these days you’ll meet the hot flashing reaper.

Order a minimum of 5 units and receive a 20% Discount and Free Shipping !

When you order simply Enter Discount Code = Christmas and update the cart .


Hot Flash Relief

BlowMeCool adds a new Micro-Distributor to the program

BlowMeCool is pleased that Brenda, an Independent Regal Representative in Strathmore, Alberta has become a new Micro-Distributor.  Although the cold weather is coming to Western Canada, women experiencing Menopause or over-heating due to exercise workouts know that it is not always convenience to stick your head in the snow or a cold north wind in order to cool down.

Visit the STRATHMORE SHOP REGAL located at #5 – 104 Strathaven Dr., to get acquainted with our BlowMeCool mini-fan.

Help with Menopause, Hot Flash Relief

Menopause is not a pause…

Menopause is not a pause…

[Written by a Man]

Menopause is a proper pain and bloody inconvenient change in the life of a woman.  It’s a little unfair that a mature woman just when she is reaching her prime in so many ways has the hormonal carpet pull out from under her. 

Right when career prospects are the greatest.

Right when the demands of motherhood are changing to allow more independence.

Right when the greatest understanding of self and self-worth are aligning in a woman’s universe.

Wham … Menopause!   Why …. It’s enough to make you cranky!

Of course hiding the realities of Menopause (hot flashes, memory burps, emotional swings, etc.) is preferred to broadcasting the message to family, friends and colleagues.  Yep, denial was the old and natural response to Menopause. 

Today – arming and preparing yourself with knowledge and new understandings, medications, clothing and tools (BlowMeCool is good) all help the menopausal woman overcome and better manage the challenges and trials endured throughout menopause. 

Fortunately, there are a growing number of Bloggers and organizations that promote the health and well-being of women on-line, through Facebook and Twitter and magazines.

Join-in!  Start by checking out the BlowMeCool Affiliates and Reviewers.

Otherwise, it is a phase in your journey that you can’t do a lot about – so find a reason to smile.

Hope your life reaches Post Menopause happily, without lasting trials or hardships or scars.

Help with Menopause

Introducing BlowMeCool

snow woman

Introducing BlowMeCool


Trying to introduce a new product to the world is an interesting and challenging exercise.  People naturally connect with anything “new” with a degree of suspicion.  Why is it new? Why hasn’t it been done before?  How much does it cost?  What is new about it?  Does it work? Where can I get it?  What if it breaks?  How well is it made? Does anyone else have one?

Yes, there are a flood of legitimate questions to consider; and unfortunately often times there is a fair bit of half-truth, hyperbola, and out-right lies to filter through in the marketing message presented.

So what can an entrepreneur do?  This article is an attempt to step beyond the norm, and openly present our case for an appeal to assist with the bringing of a high quality product to the marketplace.  In the case of BlowMeCool, it is a simple product with a simple purpose (instantly deliver a soothing stream of air on demand) which addresses the needs of a very wide audience with a very definite requirement. We decided to focus our marketing efforts on women who are experiencing hot flashes because cooling during a hot flash is a hard-core definite need if ever there was one (when you have them you will understand better).

Of course, our mini-fan product benefits people with many other cooling requirements most notably: after cancer and other medical treatments, after dance, yoga, or exercise, in large crowded areas, even cooling coffee, drying nail polish or redirecting bad or germ laden air.  Nevertheless, reaching these market segments with a message that might connect has its own challenges, along with new costs – we decided to focus our efforts.

Fortunately, a growing number of women who are early adopter thought leaders in the women’s health and well-being industry have embraced the product.   However, in order to truly make a business of it and deliver new product features (provide a way to angle it up from a desk) and new colours (Fuchsia and Black are leading in the Poll) much more embracing of the BlowMeCool product needs to be done.

Our launch of the Micro-Distributor program is a response to what has been happening naturally as women show the mini-fan to friends and family.  It addresses the “real cost” psychological hurdle centered on trying to sell a $20 product on-line when the shipping cost for a single unit is $8 to $9.  Interestingly, due to BlowMeCool’s small size and weight, the cost to ship 8 units is only $17.  We hope that the new Micro-Distributor program encourages women around the world do more embracing of our product.  It offers an easy way for women to pool orders and save money.  Check it out!

On another note, one of my biggest hopes is that a woman of the Muslim faith will introduce our BlowMeCool mini-fan to women who wear a Burka.  If ever there is a real need for a soothing flow of air, it would be when dressed in a Burka.  Our mini-fan can operate quietly in a confined space, and it has a small hole to attach a lanyard or necklace.  This means that it could operate perfectly to deliver a soothing stream of air while hanging around the neck underneath a Burka.

In our busy world with too much information, a good product such as BlowMeCool can easily get lost in the noise of big dollar marketing.  Nevertheless, we hope that women will respond with a vote of confidence and a few dollars to buy a BlowMeCool.   And so again, “Let Me Introduce You To BlowMeCool” a product that does just what the name suggests.