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Someone behind you may be coughing or sneezing… for those times when you may be stuck on a bus, in a check-out line or – anytime when you want to redirect the air, but can’t get away.   BlowMeCool provides an easy casual way of blowing the air away from your face.

BlowMeCool can help you when you need it most – a simple measure to help you escape bad air.  Don’t leave home without it.

Help with Menopause

Another Fan of our Fans – thanks!

I discovered these little fans quite a few years ago & they have NOT disappointed. Even when it’s hot in a room, these things blow cool air. I don’t know how, but they really work. My first one died recently (it happens), so I ordered 2 more immediately. They shipped to me all the way from Canada to NC so fast!! Then when I discovered a problem with one of them, I emailed Brian to tell him what was going on. He couldn’t have been nicer about it. He took such good care of me. I love this company & I love these fans!! And no, I am NOT a paid endorser, & I didn’t get anything for free for this glowing review. This is truly how I feel 🥰

Help with Menopause

Menopause Moment likes BlowMeCool

Menopause Moment is a website/ show dedicated to the health and well being of women that happens to like BlowMeCool.  Susan shares her experience and journey with menopause to help others understand how best to cope/deal with menopause; and, that it can happen sooner than you expect.

Help with Menopause

Comment from a fan of our fan…… 52 million more to go!

“BlowMeCool – what a great, handy, portable device to stop my hot flashes in their tracks!  I’ve used mine at home, on the bus and even at business meetings.  You can bet that it will be in my purse the next time I’m on a plane. It is one of those items that will always be in my purse for those moments when an uncomfortable hot flash hits — Instant Relief!

Rhonda T. , Ottawa