Hot Flash Relief

Fan Favorites – we try

BlowMeCool mini-fan thumbs up

Dear People,

My wife of over 40 years has a real problem with hot -flashes.

In her post cancer treatment life, this is a big deal.

I have been trying to get her some help that she can use in restrauants

and church when a noisey fan is out of the question. She also does not

like the attention she draws with an old fashion hand fan. What a great

product you have. She can finaily get a breeze on her face without drawing

un-wanted attention from those around her. When her fan broke She asked

if it was under warranty and I made contact with Brian at Blow me Cool.

He was very helpful and even though I messed everything up, he took

care of my problems in a manner that you just don’t find much these days.

A GREAT product and better customer service!

I will be a customer for life.

Thank you again,

Tom N.

Help with Menopause

Edmonton’s Menopause Day conference and Trade show – May 1st

The first Edmonton’s Menopause Day conference and Trade show is this Sunday May 1st.  There are 10 professionals speaking on various topics and options on menopause from Bioidenticals, acupuncture, yoga, diet, exercise and two psychotherapists on the emotional/relationship side for spouses.

Check it out at:


Help with Menopause

OPRAH ….. is she in an unreachable cocoon?

We Can't Gift Oprah

We Can’t Gift Oprah

Oprah was speaking about menopause, and so we wanted to send her a gift of our BlowMeCool mini-fan.  We designed it to deliver a soothing stream of air when you need it.  It is small, powerful and quiet.   We sent one to Oprah to the address specified as a contact address for her at the Oprah Winfrey Show.  We were disappointed when weeks later our mini-fan showed up unopened unaccepted.

Does anyone know how to reach Oprah to give her a gift?