Hot Flash Relief

Hot Flash Hell or Grace Under Pressure

That “certain time of life” for women is aggravating. As my body began to adjust to the new realities of getting older (and I think wiser), I found myself annoyed to be the only person in a room to experience a full body heat wave.

It is not always feasible to remove multiple layers of clothing to adjust to the rush of heat coursing through my veins; yet, during hot flashes I need cooling. Fanning the air using anything within reach does help – sort of. The problem is that it is too obvious to anyone around what I am experiencing (nothing subtle about my hot flashes)!

It’s not as if I have a lot of control over my menopausal hot flashes; nor, do I want to demonstrate that I am experiencing hot flashes. After all ladies, when we reach a certain age, hot flashes can become a common occurrence; and, we certainly don’t want to advertise that we have reached that age – especially in the very competitive job world we have today!

At times, I feel trapped in my own little hot flash hell. Although, it is somewhat comforting to know that I’m not alone. Statistics indicate that 50 million women in North America are in the peri-menopause or full menopause stage of life.

At times, I almost embrace the idea of getting older so I can grow out of this menopause phase – but, that’s crazy thinking. Fortunately, I discovered a very quiet, discreet, compact little fan that helps me instantly relieve hot flashes as soon as they begin. With my BlowMeCool mini-fan, I can manage hot flashes with some style – I prefer grace under pressure.

Mary, Ottawa

Hot Flash Relief

Manage Hot Flashes in the Christmas Shopping Crowds

Stress triggers my hot flashes more than anything. So … Christmas shopping crowds, family demands, and trying to be nice often makes me into a real drip. The BlowMeCool sign in the window invited me to buy a gift, so I did – for myself, and I’m glad I did. Now my stress induced flashy outbreaks are more bearable because I can share them with my “friendly little BlowMeCool fan”. – Rita, Ottawa

Makes a Great Stocking Stuffer Idea!

Pick up an extra BlowMeCool device when out shopping to add as a Christmas stocking stuffer for your mom, sister, aunt or friend who is dealing with hot flashes right now. Give the gift of relief this Christmas.

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Help with Menopause

Blog: BlowMeCool brings relief …..

It’s great having a little fan that helps me throughout the day.  I got on the go-train last week, only to have someone with way too much perfume sit beside me.  When my allergies started up I simply used my BlowMeCool, and subtly re-directed the air away from me.  What a relief knowing I have better control over the air I must breathe.


USB mini fan

My mini-fan is bigger than a hot flash solution!

Discovery is always fun.  I was recently delighted when I used my BlowMeCool to dry my nail polish.  My nails were dry and I was ready to get on with my busy life in half the time.  Not only that, but since I didn’t have to rush things – I did a great job with fewer blemishes.

I’m loving my BlowMeCool – and I like discovering new uses for my powerful mini-fan friend.